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The advancement of technology and discovery of new science has deep impact to our lives and has made unimaginable contribution to mankind and planet. We have progressed from stone-age to the world we live in today, thanks to the discovery of new knowledge - science.

Science based projects or scientific enterprises carried out by corporate firms or individuals, have changed the life of many, by creating economic growth and thus uplifting the bottom billion from the poverty line, solving societal problems, and improving health and living conditions of many.

These advancement and progress will not be possible without the strong funding support to researchers or scientific initiatives. ASM Endowment Fund is established to contribute to our local community and to sustain the progress of science in Malaysia. Thus, we are calling philanthropists from scientific community, corporate sectors and individuals who believe in the good of science.


By supporting the Endowment Fund, you will be able to play a part in nurturing talent in science or contribute in bringing the benefit of science to the people of Malaysia.

The Endowment Fund will only be able to support and run activities once it reaches a substantial amount. The Fund aims to achieve collection of RM3mil and to enrol the funds collected into secure investments to further generate a steady income for the Fund. The Fund will commence activities and support programmes utilising the interest gained from the investments.

Your donations can be in various forms and purposes. You can choose to give to the Endowment Fund in general or for a specific dedicated programme. All gift given to ASM are tax exempted (JHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.4357, Seksyen 44(6), Akta Cukai Pendapatan 1967).

Note: All contributions made to the Endowment Fund must be accompanied by the contribution form prior to transaction of payment.

Approach us for more details.
Ms Seetha Ramasamy/ Mr Syafiq Shafiee at or 03-6203 0633.


Any contributions, large or small, makes a real difference to us. Contributions will be used for the purpose determined by the donors. Below are pledges received to date:

Donation collected as of 31 May 2019


  • Target – RM3,000,0008%

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