Strategic Paper on Precision Biodiversity

Being the 12th mega-biodiverse country on earth, Malaysia has a global responsibility to conserve its biodiversity. By adopting Paper on Precision Biodiversity (PBD), the country will show the world how this first-time-ever approach, can more effectively protect the planet and simultaneously deliver socio-economic returns. The vision is for Malaysia to be a nation that is informed and inspired to value and conserve bioresources while recognising the importance of investment in frontier technologies for the protection of biodiversity. Responsible and ethical stewardship of our ecosystem and establishment of a biodiversity-linked economy supported by sustainably managed biological resources will be driven by precision technologies alongside conventional approaches. Establishment of a national genome database to generate economic growth and promote human wellbeing is set to open up opportunities for translational research. Efforts powered by 4IR will also attract young tech-savvy talent and proficient human resource. [sdm_download_counter id="368"]
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