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Corticosterone-Induced Oxidative Stress Alters Epididymal Sperm Fertility in Rats 

N.A.A. Abd-Aziz, A. Chatterjee, R. Chatterjee and D. Durairajanayagam

Enhanced Co2 Removal Using Polyethersulfone Incorporated with Beta-cyclodextrin/Carbon Nanotubes 

P.S. Goh, A.F. Ismail, B.C. Ng and T. Sumner

Factors Affecting Doctors’ and Nurses’ Compliance with Standard Precautions on All Areas of Hospital Settings Worldwide — A Meta-Analysis 134

R. (III) P. Dioso

Marine Mammals in the Waters of East Coast Johor, Malaysia

S.A. Jaaman and C.A.R. Mohamed

Bursa Malaysia Stocks Market Analysis: A Review

M.A. Djauhari and S.L. Gan

A Survey of the Marine Intertidal Macrogastropoda in the Northern Straits of Malacca 

A.B. Siti-Balkhis, I.C. Yaman, I. Siti-Hasmah, M.Z. Khalil, M.Y. Muhammad-Shukri, Y. Zulfigar and S.H. Aileen-Tan

Involvement of Intracellular Calcium and MAPK in Aloe Emodin Induced Anti-Proliferative in MCF-7

Indah M Amin, Mohd Ridzuan Hamid, Dayang Zahidah A. Othman, Rosfaiizah Siran, Siti Hamimah SA Kadir and Narimah AH Hasani



Earthquakes and Impounded Dams 

P. Loganathan FIGM



Datuk Dr. Choo Yuen May Merdeka 2014 Award Recipient

Global R&D Leaders and CEOS Forum 2015 179 Injecting Soul Into R&D 5-6 August 2015, Sarawak, Malaysia