The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) is a statutory body that came into force on 1 February 1995 and was established under the Academy of Sciences Act 1994.

As the nation’s Thought Leader on matters related to science, engineering, technology and innovation, ASM provides strategic advisory reports to the government. ASM also carries out programmes that contribute towards the development of human capital in science, engineering and technology. As such, ASM collaborates and partners with national as well as international organisations and networks to achieve these goals.

ASM invites Malaysians to apply for the following IMMEDIATE vacancy:

  1. Analyst (Studies)
  2. Analyst (Programme)
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Multimedia Content Developer
  5. Editor
  6. Content Writer
  7. Human Resources Executive
  8. Accountant
  9. Assistant Executive
  10. Secretary to Chief Officers
  11. IT Executive
  12. System Administrator
  13. Public Relation Executive
  14. Auditor
  15. Integrity Officer
  16. Legal Executive
  17. Programme Executives (short term, project-based)
  18. Analyst (short term, project-based)
  19. Research Assistance (short term, project-based)

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