STDI Webinar | The Aviation Industry: Taking Us to The Skies Again?
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the aviation industry to its knees as national borders have been closed to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which has resulted in the grounding of thousands of aircraft globally. Airlines not already bankrupt are tottering on the brink. In relation to this, the ASM Science & Technology Development Industry Discipline Group (ASM STDI) in collaboration with Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) organised ...Read more
Induction Session
2020 Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM)
ASM’s Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) is an ASM initiative to identify and recognise leading Malaysian research scientists that are actively translating their research into meaningful and impactful outcomes that significantly contribute to the nation’s socio-economic ...Read more
2020 YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award Grand Final Pitch
The YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award was formerly known as the YSN-ASM Rising Star Award in 2019. This award is targeted specifically at final-year Malaysian PhD students. The award aims to identify and nurture promising PhD candidates to become future pillars of our Science, Technology, and Innovation ecosystem. Selected finalists will also experience continued support and mentoring for the next five years. This step is to ensure that these finalists are groomed ...Read more
STDI Webinar Series | The Space Industry: Are the Stars Within Our Reach?
The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) Science & Technology Development and Industry (STDI) Discipline Group organised a webinar titled “The Space Industry: Are the Stars Within Reach?” on 13 January 2021 via Zoom. This webinar was a platform of discussion among the experts, key stakeholders and publics on the development of space industry in ...Read more
TropSc Webinar | International Mountain Day: Mountains and Life
On 11 December 2020, the Mahathir Science Award Foundation (MSAF), the International Science Council, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ISC-ROAP), and the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) jointly organised a webinar themed “Mountains and Life” in conjunction with International Mountain ...Read more
2020 MAKNA Cancer Research Award
Continuing its legacy of encouraging cancer research in Malaysia via its annual Cancer Research Award, MAKNA once again recognised outstanding recipients in cancer studies. The annual MAKNA Cancer Research Award (MCRA) was launched in 2001 to support cancer research in order to push towards discovering potential cures for the ...Read more
Ensuring Malaysia’s Resilience Against Zoonotic Diseases
The Forum and Workshop on Zoonoses in Malaysia took place on 20 November 2020 in two parts: the Forum in the morning took place on Zoom, while the Workshop in the afternoon was conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform. The forum aims to provide an overview on the current policies, landscape and initiatives, issues, and challenges as well as effective strategies towards ensuring Malaysia’s resilience against zoonotic ...Read more
2020 YSN-ASM Virtual Colloquium
Like clockwork, the YSN-ASM Colloquium is here again. This annual programme is organised by the Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia. This year, the Colloquium was held virtually from 4 to 5 December 2020 in view of the current pandemic situation, keeping everyone safe and sound in the comfort of their homes or office. Boasting the highest attendance to date, the 2020 YSN-ASM Colloquium continues its role as an avenue ...Read more
2020 Virtual National Science Challenge
For the first time, the National Science Challenge is held entirely online, thus named Virtual National Science Challenge. It also carries the theme “Towards a Pandemic-resilient Community Through Science”. On 9 November 2020, the Academy of Sciences Malaysia broadcasted the Grand Final of the 2020 VNSC via Zoom, Facebook Live, and the Ministry of Education’s Youtube Channel, ...Read more
YSN-ASM Science Café | Eat, Therefore I Am: an Insight into Personalised Nutrition
This session of Science Café KL featured YSN-ASM member Associate Professor Dr Razinah Sharif. Dr Razinah is a lecturer at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Director of the Biocompatibility Laboratory at UKM. She is also a researcher the Centre for Healthy Ageing and Wellness, Faculty of Health Sciences (H-Care) UKM. Have You Ever Wonder Why You Cannot Gain Weight? Have You Ever Wondered Why You Can Gain Weight Easily? Can ...Read more
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