Research Grant Application by Fellow through ASM

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) is inviting the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) to apply for research grants. These grants can be applied by a Fellow through ASM. Below are the criteria:

i. Grants are given to applied research that has high impact and adheres to the concept of consortium (collaboration with IHL, RI, STI Organisation and Industry and relevant custodian agencies) and should not be IHL or university centric.
ii. The project must be a national level research and development (R&D) project that brings in all relevant stakeholders in the subject matter. Project proposed based on directive or top down command must be clearly stated.
iii. The project must within the following priority areas:
1. BIODIVERSITY (sustainable utilisation and conservation)
2. CYBERSECURITY (Information security and autonomous system)
3. ENERGY SECURITY (Harnessing alternative resources and improving the efficient use of energy especially in the areas of renewable energy)
4. ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE (Ecosystem management, protection and improvement to mitigate flood, drought & air pollution; biosurveillance for environmental protection; Eco-tourism.)
5. FOOD SECURITY (Improvement of food crops, livestock & animal feedstock; Exploitation of biodiversity for food/feed; Post harvest physiology & technology Production System and Precision Agriculture; Improvement of biosecurity, biosurveillance and Sanitary & Phyto-sanitary (SPS) measures for animal and plant genetic resources.)
6. MEDICAL AND HEALTHCARE (Diagnostic, prevention and treatment to enable the ability to mitigate the burden of lifestyle diseases; new and emerging diseases; Cancer; biosurveillance in medical and healthcare.)
7. PLANTATION CROPS AND COMMODITIES (increasing the productivity and utilization, focusing on Oil Palm, Timber, Rubber, Cocoa, Kenaf, Tobacco & Pepper)
8. TRANSPORT AND URBANISATION (Enabling the use of alternative energy sources and energy efficiency vehicles for environmental friendly transport; Design and engineering in vehicle, infrastructure, systems and facilities; Efficient urban waste management (Reuse, recycle & reduce))
9. WATER SECURITY (Sustainable sources and processing, treatment & distribution of water)
iv. Research projects applied must be led and managed by a Fellow of the Academy as the Project Leader. A Fellow can only lead one project at a time. ASM’s role in the project must be clearly described.
v. All projects submitted through ASM will be screened and vetted by Sectoral Committee. Recommended projects will be tabled to ASM STI Policy and Advisory Committee (STIPAC) and ASM Council for endorsement. Only projects that are supported by ASM will be submitted to MOSTI.
vi. Project must be carried out in Malaysia.
vii. Specific guideline for applications will be made available at ASM website when announced by MOSTI. However, project leader may send project proposal using the ‘Concept Paper Template’.