Membership of The Academy of Sciences Malaysia

Exponential growth of scientific knowledge dictates the need for a greater pool of membership equipped with various expertises and networking for collaboration in science, engineering, technology and innovation (SETI). Their expertise are harnessed for policy inputs, tapping of international support and collaborations, enriching excellence and engagement activities of ASM.


50 individuals were appointed from among the country’s eminent scientists, engineers and technologists as Foundation Fellows.

A Fellow of the Academy is entitled to use the title ‘Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia’ with the abbreviation FASc, after their name. To date, ASM has 376 Fellows.

The election of new Fellows is crucial to ensure sustainability of ASM. ASM taps the expertise, knowledge, wisdom and network of its Fellows to provide STI input to the government and stakeholders. Through Fellows, ASM continues to demonstrate its commitment in international STI arena through its strategic membership of multilateral STI networks, its active role in governance of these networks, and its participation in important global scientific interactions. At the national level, a Fellow through the Academy has the opportunity to advance their ideas to push the envelope for S&T development in the country.

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellow is a person who has made or is making a distinguished contribution to the practice of science, engineering or technology which will benefit or will be able to contribute to the work of the Academy. Honorary Fellows are elected at the Academy’s Annual General Meeting.

To date, the Academy has appointed six Honorary Fellows from among eminent leaders and scientists who have made significant contribution to the Academy. The Honorary Fellows are:

ASM Fellowship consists of distinguished scientists, engineers, technologists and social scientists that have made exceptional contributions in their fields. Individuals with merit, possessing high integrity demonstrating utmost decorum at all times with essential characteristics of an ambassador of ASM at national and international level are nominated each year. Fellowship is awarded based on a stringent selection process in eight disciplines.

5 Honorary Fellows

376 Fellows

27 Senior Fellows

349 Ordinary Fellows

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info woman
    • 305 FASc81%
    • 71 FASc19%

Information Technology & Computer Sciences


Engineering Sciences


Medical & Health Sciences


Chemical Sciences


Biological, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences


Mathematics, Physics & Earth Sciences


Sciences & Technology Development and Industry


Social Sciences & Humanities

Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (FASc) are elected for life based on their scientific and scholarly achievements through a rigorous selection process.

Last Updated on 12/02/2020