In recognition of the amalgamation of art and science, the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) has set up the ArtScience™ Initiative.
This Initiative is a programme that recognises outstanding creations in the nation’s fields that showcases the fusion of art and science.


ASM ArtScience™ aims to nurture creativity at the convergence of the arts and the sciences.

To promote appreciation of the arts towards acculturation of science among Malaysians.

The ASM ArtScience™ Programmes
Under the ASM ArtScience™ Initiative, there are two subprogrammes that will be implemented as below:

The Branding

The Nautilus Shell is a symbol of proportional perfection. It is the most inspiring and energetic form known to humankind. The yellow colour of the shell symbolises sunshine, which is often associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy. It evokes warmth, arouses cheerfulness, and is said to stimulate mental activity and to generate muscle energy.

The ArtScience™ Project

ASM ArtScience™ Prize

The Prize is awarded to outstanding talent and works of art that embody the union of art and science. The Prize is the first ever to be established in Malaysia to celebrate the nascent community of artist-scientists that shows promising growth and development.

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ASM ArtScience™ Engagement Programme

Two activities under this programme engage professionals, artists and scientists to promote the idea of converging art and science. These activities enculturate the convergence of art and science by facilitating communication between prominent figures from the art and science communities, with participants.

ASM ArtScience™ Coffee Chat

A Task Force member of the ASM ArtScience™ Initiative is invited as a guest speaker that engages with the audience in an interactive session to delve deeper into the concept of convergence in art and science.

ASM ArtScience™ Dialogue

Worldly panellists with a keen eye on the philosophy of ArtScience™ come together to discuss specific topics close to the topic, as well as aiding artist-scientists in overcoming hurdles in materialising their concepts and projects.


  • 13 October 2018

    Coffee Chat with Ar Hijjas Kasturi FASc on the ASM ArtScience™ Initiative
  • 4 December 2019

    Launching of ASM ArtScience™ Initiative & Announcement of Calling for Application for 2020 ASM ArtScience™ Prize
  • 9 December 2019

    Engagement Programme: Selamat Pagi Malaysia Slot
  • 31 May 2020

    Engagement Programme: Fresh Brew@TV2
  • 9 June 2020

    Engagement Programme: ArtScience™ for All (Webinar)
  • 30 June 2020

    Deadline of Application for the 2020 ASM ArtScience™ Prize
  • August 2020

    Engagement Programme: Creating Collaborative Spaces for ArtScience™ (Webinar)
  • 28 September - 1 October 2020

    ASM ArtScience™ Prize Artworks Display for Evaluation
  • November – December 2020

    ArtScience™ Exhibition
  • December 2020

    ArtScience™ Prize-Giving Ceremony


Co-chairs: Ar Hijjas Kasturi FASc & Emeritus Professor Dr Muhammad Awang FASc

1. Academician Professor Emerita Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman FASc
2. Academician Tan Sri Dr Salleh Mohd Nor FASc
3. Puan Zanita Anuar
4. Dr Roslina Ismail
5. Puan Wan Zaleha Radzi


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