i-Connect programme is an industry-led collaborative network that involving quadruple helix (industry, research community, government and civil society) for disruptive innovation.
The goal is to facilitate Malaysian industries to leverage on science and technology to develop innovative home-grown products and solutions to pursue new economic opportunities in emerging global markets while nurturing the growth of conducive innovations ecosystems based on collaborative networks.

  • Expansion of professional network between the quadruple helix
  • Demand-driven project collaboration between industry and researcher
  • Access to fund
  • Facilitated by trusted Neutral Entity

Any representatives from the quadruple helix who wish to collaborate and share the common goal as i-Connect.

Currently, ASM is focussing on 4 areas which are:

  1. Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing
  2. Digital Healthcare
  3. Fintech in Islamic Finance
  4. Halal Supply Chain

Following are the appointed Neutral Entities according to the sector/focus areas:

  1. CREST & NanoMalaysia Berhad – Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing
  2. CREST – Health & Wellness
  3. INCEIF – Fintech in Islamic Finance
  4. Halal Development Corporation – Halal Supply Chain

In general, the Neutral Entity needs to orchestrate the collaborative network and to manage the demand-driven collaboration project.

No fees are imposed to the participant.

No specific criteria of applicants has been outlined. In general, the applicants are:

  1. Any representative from the quadruple helix and
  2. Share the same goal as i-Connect

The contributions can be made based on category of participants of this programme:

  1. Founding members (based on invitation by the Neutral Entities) – Formulate shared vision and strategic plan for action by the industry
  2. Ordinary members – Share your inputs for the strategic plan, participate as the solution provider for the problem statement or invest in the R&D project, depending on your organisation’s background, capability and capacity.

You can register your interest at the tab of “Register your interest” in the i-Connect website. The Neutral Entity who is in charge of your sector will contact you for further details.

There are eligibility criteria to be fulfilled and process to be followed by the interested organisation to be the Neutral Entity. Furthermore, the selection of Neutral Entity is evaluated based on proposal received from the interested organisation. As of now, the Request For Proposal (RFP) for the Neutral Entity is closed until further notice.

Towards building up Malaysia’s Innovation Ecosystem

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