Capacity Building and Awareness

This working group are specifically tasked to develop a localized training module, which will be the guideline to train and upscale trainers (especially librarians) into Digital Data Librarians/Data Librarians/Data Curators. The training module draft presentation is expected to call for all MOSP stakeholders to join in hand, for the approval before proceeding to training of trainers (Researchers, Librarians, IT Managers and other relevant stakeholders).

Results from the landscape study delivered by the Working Group on Policy and Guidelines, as well as inputs from experts and stakeholders will be used to develop a comprehensive and well-defined Training Module on Open Science. This module would steer Malaysia towards maximizing the potential of research data as a tool to advance the research and development industry.

In addition to this, this Working Group is responsible for creating awareness and promoting Malaysia Open Science Platform initiatives nationwide. This Working Group have established several social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do follow us for the latest updates on Malaysia Open Science Platform and Open Science initiatives worldwide. This Working Group will also be promoting Malaysia Open Science Platform through various channels, including infographics, billboards, webinars, videos, media presence on television as well as radios.