Policy and Guidelines

Malaysia Open Science Alliance Working Group on Policy and Guidelines will lead the pathway towards the drafting of National Policy and Guideline on Open Science through nationwide stakeholders engagement and by conducting Landscape Study on Open Science in Malaysia.

Two deliverables are expected from this Working Group:

  1. A landscape study on Open Science in Malaysia
  2. National Policy and Guidelines on Open Science

The landscape study would call for collaboration among all stakeholders at all levels of organizations including ministries, government agencies, HLIs, GRIs, scientists and industrial players to sit together and come up with a solution-based position paper, documenting the level of readiness of open science and all necessary actions required to implement MOSP at a national level, and subsequently, at an international level. The focus of the study would be measuring indicators, which are:

  1. Available Policies
  2. Number of Repositories
  3. Skill Capacity
  4. Infrastructure Capacity

For the purpose of the study, the Working Group is conducting a survey about Open Science targeting researchers and librarians in Malaysia. The survey will run between 13 April 2020 until 8 May 2020. Please join the survey by clicking the links provided:

In addition to this, there will be two stakeholder engagements to be conducted soon. We will announce the confirmed dates in a later time.