The world is in the throes of revolution where social, economic and scientific landscapes have been reshaped by the tremendous information and knowledge generated, collected, analysed and managed by the digital platforms.

In its efforts to enhance national innovation ecosystem towards wealth creation and societal well-being, the Malaysian Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) launched the Malaysia Open Science Platform (MOSP) initiative to develop a trusted platform that enables accessibility and sharing of research data, aligned with national priorities and international best practices to make Malaysia’s research data as valuable national assets.

The Academy of Science Malaysia (ASM) has been assigned an important role to lead the mission to develop the capacities among the research universities and government agencies and embedded them in the national intellectual infrastructure. In the future, MOSP is envisioned to be linked to other Open Science Platform globally. This digitally connected platform will be a channel for industry to tap into the knowledge in the research space and enables open innovation.

This forum is expected to promote engagement and knowledge sharing among Asia Pacific countries by adopting the Open Science philosophy. At the same time, it provides opportunity for Malaysia to learn the best practices on pursuing Open Science agenda which charts the way forward for MOSP.

Speaker Slides

Keynote Open Science for Shared Prosperity on Enabling South-South Collaboration – Dr Ismail Serageldin

FAIR The Machine Knows What I Mean – Dr Barend Mons

Towards a UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science Building a Global Consensus on Open Science – Prof Dr Shahbaz

The Value and Opportunities for Sharing Research Data, an AU perspective – Dr Ross Wilkinson

Wiley, Open Science and the RDA Data Policy and Standardisation Interest Group – Simon Goudie

APRU Capacity Building Awareness Rising – Ms Christina Schonleber

Data Stewardship at the Core – Dr Barend Mons

Malaysia Open Science Platform – Professor Dr Noorsaadah Abdul Rahman FASc

Open Science and Data Selected OECD Activities – Dr Michael Keenan

Towards a UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science – Dr Ai Sugiura