If a significant error is found (by the author(s), reader or editorial) after publication, the article will be corrected (if possible), and an erratum will be published online. 

Errors are considered significant if they involve; 

  1. Incorrect information, attribution, or any mistake that changes the meaning of the article, including equation, table, or figure; 
  1. Spelling error that changes the overall meaning of the article; and 
  1. Misspelling of an author’s name and affiliation, or the name of a reference.  

The Journal reserves the right to decide if an erratum should be published. 

The following errors will be considered insignificant and will not be considered; 

  1. Typography errors that are still readable; 
  1. Grammar corrections; 
  1. Discoveries made after the article was published; and 
  1. Updates to author contact information or affiliation, and authorship ordering. 

If a possible error is found by a reader or researcher, the Editorial staff will forward the suggested change to the corresponding author for verification and approval. The Journal will only publish an erratum after receiving verification and approval from the corresponding author. 

If possible, the Editorial staff will correct the error in online versions of the article and insert a link to the erratum, which will consist of a short post describing the changes made. If the error cannot be corrected, a link to the erratum which details the error will be inserted. 

Please contact the Journal Manager to report the error by providing the specifics of the error, including the page number, line number or paragraph. The editor will decide if the error is significant and request you to propose what the erratum should say. The Editorial staff will contact you when the erratum has been posted.