Submission of Articles

  1. General.
    • Soft copy of the article should be submitted in MS Word format through the ASM Science Journal Open Journal System only. The article should conform to the style and format of the ASM Science Journal.
    • The journal only allows up to 15% similarities of plagiarism check via Turnitin or any similar plagiarism checking system. Authors are advised to attach the plagiarism report together with their submission.
    • Please write your article in good British English.
  2. Title.
    • The title should be concise and descriptive and preferably not exceed fifteen words. Unless absolutely necessary, scientific names and formulae should be excluded in the title.
  3. Address. 
    • The author’s name, academic or professional affiliation, e-mail address, and full address should be included on the first page. All correspondence will be only with the corresponding author (should be indicated), including any on editorial decisions.
  4. Abstract. 
    • The abstract should precede the article and in approximately 150–200 words outline briefly the objectives and main conclusions of the paper.
  5. Introduction. 
    • The introduction should describe briefly the area of study and may give an outline of previous studies with supporting references and indicate clearly the objectives of the paper.
  6. Materials and Methods. 
    • The materials used, the procedures followed with special reference to experimental design and analysis of data should be included.
  7. Results.
    • Data of significant interest should be included.
  8. Figures. 
    • Line drawings (including graphs) should be presented in high resolution. The lettering should be clear.
  9. Tables. 
    • These should have short descriptive titles and be self-explanatory. They should be as concise as possible and not larger than a Journal page. Values in tables should include as few digits as possible. In most cases, more than two digits after the decimal point are unnecessary. Units of measurements should be SI units. Unnecessary abbreviations should be avoided. Information given in tables should not be repeated in graphs and vice versa.
  10. Discussion. 
    • The contribution of the work to the overall knowledge of the subject could be shown. Relevant conclusions should be drawn, and the potential for further work indicated where appropriate.
  11. Acknowledgements.
    • Appropriate acknowledgements may be included.