Guidelines for Special Issue

ASMScJ is willing to work with the Institutes of Higher Learning as well as any research group to promote the enhancement of scientific research. Thus, we encourage and initiate the publication of special issues from time to time. The following are preparation and publication guidelines for Guest Editors.

Preparing a Proposal

Guest Editors should prepare a proposal for the Special Issue and submit this to the Editor‐in‐Chief of ASMScJ. The proposal should contain the following information:

  • The tentative title for the Special Issue
  • A one‐page outline summarising the objectives of the Special Issue
  • Tentative time schedule
  • List of contributions (authors and institutions)
  • Guest Editor and Editorial Team (At least 3 persons) base on the format below;
No. Name Institution Online Researcher’s ID (link to Scopus ID e.t.c) H-Index

If there are several guest editors involved in a special issue, one Guest Editor will act as the corresponding editor. Guest Editors must not come from a single institution.

Proposals submitted are subjected to the decision by the Editorial Board of ASM Science Journal.

Inviting Authors

It is the Guest Editors’ role to select authors and invite them to submit papers for the special issue which are of the highest quality in terms of science and presentation.

Guest Editors should also ensure that all articles submitted to conform to the editorial and publication policies of the ASM Science Journal. Authors are required to sign the Author’s Warranty.

The special issue should contain between 15 to 20 articles. Guest Editors are responsible in the selection of top-quality articles and reviewers and keep Journal Manager of ASMScJ informed of the status of articles.

More information on the aim and scope of ASM Science journal can be found here:

Author’s instruction can be referred to here:

Guest Editors are required to keep in close contact with the Journal Manager of ASMScJ, informing them of the full table of contents and the outline of the issue as soon as it is available.

Peer Review

Each manuscript submitted must be original, not published formally elsewhere, and must be peer-reviewed by at least two specialists in the field, of which one reviewer must be from a different institution other than the host institution of the authors listed in the manuscript. Also, the reviewers selected must not be the authors listed in the same issue of the journal. The Guest Editors are responsible for the entire peer-review process. ASMScJ does not pay the reviewers engaged by the Guest Editor.

Reviewers selected should be the field experts of the article and should be selected for their objectivity and scientific knowledge. The reviewers should provide a written assessment of the article with the aim of improving the reporting of research. If necessary, the articles must be sent out for revision.


Each article must be within 6 to 15 pages including references list. Articles must be written in clear and concise grammatical British English. A poor linguistic manuscript will be rejected. In-text citation and references list must conform to the prescribed style which can be found in the Author’s Instruction section.

Submissions Procedure

Reviewed and recommended articles may be submitted to the Journal Manager of ASMScJ via e-mail to Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word together with proof of the review process and originality check report for each article. ASMScJ does not accept any article whose similarity index exceeds 15%.

Required documents:

  1. Manuscript formatted as per ASM Science Journal’s format (download here)
  2. Author’s Warranty (download here)
  3. Copyright Transfer Agreement (download here)
  4. Related review documents (reviewer form / reviewer’s comments / author’s response) (download Review & Evaluation Form here)
  5. Summary of the review process (how many reviewers per article/reviewer’s recommendations)
  6. Summary of submitted articles vs accepted articles

Author Policy

ASMScJ allows a maximum of 2 manuscripts by the same author in one issue, provided that the author sequence differs in each article. i.e. Author A is the first author in article 1; author A must be a second or a third author in article 2 (must not be the first author in the subsequent article within the same issue).


Guest Editors will have to make an initial decision. Once the Guest Editors have recommended accepting or rejecting a paper, the final decision will rest with the Editor‐in‐Chief of ASMScJ.


Guest Editors will be required to submit a preface/editorial for the Special Issue and will liaise with the Journal Manager regarding the requirements for this. Articles submitted will go through a stringent review by the Editorial Board of ASMScJ. Guest Editors are required to review and approve the galleys before online publication.

Processing Charges

Special Issue processing charges will be MYR10,000 per issue. The amount must be paid in full prior to the publication of PDF version of the issue.


If you have any queries regarding special issues, please contact the journals office at:
The Editor-in-Chief
ASM Science Journal
Academy of Sciences Malaysia
Level 20, West Wing, MATRADE Tower
Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6203 0633 Fax: 03-6203 0634