FellowElected 2005
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Mathematics, Physics and Earth Sciences

Theoretical Atomic Physics, Computational Physics, Numerical & Computational Mathematics

Professor Kurunathan is eminently suited to be elected as a Fellow of the Academy for his outstanding and accomplished achievements in the field of Atomic Collision Physics especially the development and the demonstration of an optical potential method to positron-hydrogen atom scattering process and its extension to other hydrogenic-type atoms. This method has provided state-of-the-art theoretical ionization cross sections that are in best agreement with the experimental measurements. Further his contribution to the joint theoretical work on anti-hydrogen formation is highly significant. His scientific contribution’s as evidenced by his international publications, as a reviewer for international journals and his collaboration with eminent international researchers. His contribution to the scientific community in Malaysia as the Associate Editor of the Jurnal Fizik Malaysia (the leading physics journal in Malaysia) and the Associate Editor of Malaysia Journal of Science (one of the oldest journal in Malaysia). His contribution to the professional development of Physics and Mathematics in Malaysia since the 1990’s in his capacity as the Honorary Secretary of the Institut Fizik Malaysia and Malaysian Mathematical Society (PERSAMA) respectively.