1. The criteria for appointment as a Senior Fellow

    1. Outstanding leadership in leading two or more top-down ASM committees established in pursuit of flagship-, commissioned-, strategic foresight-, task force-based studies and periodic reports to governmental agencies. (Positions in the ASM Council and roles as an authorised representative of ASM at specific events or meetings can be included for this criterion.)
    2. Outstanding contributions by way of writings, organisation of impact-driven workshops or seminars (including webinars) or other initiatives bearing on issues related to science, technology, economy, society and environment which are in consonance with the objectives of ASM and bring positive outcomes to the nation.
    3. Significant achievements during the professional career such as recipiency of merit awards and civil honours can be brought to bear on the nomination. For late age entry Fellows, considerations may be given to accepting some of their late career achievements just prior to their retirement from services.
    4. National/regional/international level recognition by way of appointment to scientific or professional bodies or appointment to the membership of an expert panel(s).
      A nominee will be assessed on these criteria during his/ her tenure as a Fellow of ASM.
  2. Proposing a nominee for appointment as Senior Fellow

    1. Nominee must be a Fellow of ASM of at least seven years of tenure.
    2. Any Fellow can nominate and second a nominee from amongst the Fellows, except for the Discipline Chairperson from the same discipline as the nominee.
    3. The nominee must have a good record of attendance and participation (physical or online presence) in various meetings, events and evaluation exercises organised by his/her workgroup(s), discipline group, chapter and ASM throughout five years prior to his/her nomination.
    4. The nomination shall be supported by the nominee’s discipline Chairperson and a Chairperson of another discipline.
  3. The appointment and appointment procedure

    1. Each discipline is limited to two nominations per year.
    2. Nominations received will be vetted and shortlisted by the Senior Fellow Committee according to the following criteria:
      • Tenure as a Fellow
      • Participation
      • Support from Discipline Chairs
      • Leadership
      • Contributions to ASM
      • Achievements
      • National/regional/international recognition
    3. A maximum of three shortlisted nominees will be tabled for Special Panel’s consideration each year. Among the shortlisted nominees, no more than two nominees may come from the same discipline group. This is to ensure broad and fair representation of expertise across different disciplines among the Senior Fellows.
    4. The shortlisted nominations will then be forwarded to ASM Council for endorsement.
    5. The names of the shortlisted nominees together with the detailed curriculum vitae and the reasons of Council’s endorsement shall be forwarded by the ASM Secretary General to the Chairman of the Special Panel for recommendation of Senior Fellow.
    6. The Special Panel shall deliberate and recommend the shortlisted nominee(s) agreed by majority vote as Senior Fellow.
    7. ASM Council shall be notified by the ASM Secretary General of the decision of the Special Panel and shall appoint the recommended nominee(s) as Senior Fellows at the Council Meeting.
    8. The unsuccessful shortlisted nominee(s) shall remain as shortlisted nominee(s) and re-evaluated by the Special Panel in the following year.
  4. Completing the nomination form

    1. The nomination form must be typed.
    2. A complete nomination must consist of the following items:
      • A completed nomination form
      • Two copies of passport-sized photographs taken within the last six months; one being affixed on the front page of the application form and another one in a non-affix manner. Digitally reproduced photos must be without discernible pixels or dot patterns. Copy machine photos are not acceptable
      • Updated curriculum vitae (updated within the last 3 months)
      • List of publications
      • A nomination form shall be signed by a proposer, a seconder and two supportersAny Fellow except the Discipline Chairperson from the same discipline as the nominee, can be a proposer or a seconder. Supporter 1 shall be signed by the Chairperson of the nominee’s discipline while Supporter 2 shall be signed by a Chairperson of another discipline.
    3. One hard copy of the nomination form must be received by the ASM Head Office by 12th November 2021 5pm.
    4. All nominations are to be perused by the ASM Management upon receipt. If incomplete in any way, the nomination form will be referred immediately to the proposer.
    5. The proposer is advised to address the respective criteria which are regarded as being of primary importance. The proposer of a nomination should address each of these criteria where appropriate as it would aid the assessment process. The items listed in the nomination form are as follows:
      • Leadership
      • Contributions to ASM
      • Achievements
      • Recognitions

Should you have any enquiries, please contact the ASM Membership Affairs Unit (membership@akademisains.gov.my).