Think Science.
Celebrate Technology.
Inspire Innovation.


A Thought Leader in Science, Technology, Innovation and Economy (STIE) towards a progressive, harmonious, prosperous, and sustainable society, nationally and internationally. 


  • To be a Thought Leader
  • To be an apex Advisory Body on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) matters
  • To be an effective promoter of public understanding and awareness of STI
  • To make STI a basis for economic development and societal well-being


  • Providing advice to the Government on matters related to STI of national and international importance
  • Fostering a culture of excellence in SET in Malaysia
  • Assisting in upgrading technological capabilities of Malaysian industrial sectors
  • Promoting public awareness in understanding of science
  • Enhancing international networking and collaborations
  • Scientific publication



  • Fellows
  • Associates
  • Members of Young Scientists Network (YSN-ASM)
  • Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM)
  • ASM Management


  • Prime Minister’s Department and Central Agencies
  • MOSTI and its agencies
  • Other Ministries and relevant agencies
  • Industry
  • Research institutions
  • Higher Learning Institutions
  • STI Professional Bodies
  • International STI Organisations
  • Urban and Rural communities

4 Point Client Charter

  • Provide independent, evidence based, reliable and timely advice
  • Commited in initiating quality programmes towards developing strong STI foundation for the nation
  • Represent Malaysia and its scientific community at the international arena
  • Disseminate scientific knowledge


  • Harnessing scientific minds to charter STI direction for the country
  • Fostering culture of excellence in SET
  • Ensuring independent, authoritative and timely STI input
  • Promoting the utilisation and application of science for societal well-being
  • Facilitating the implementation of innovation-led economy strategy