Think Science.
Celebrate Technology.
Inspire Innovation.

Who we are

ASM strives to be the nation’s Thought Leader for matters related to science, engineering, technology and innovation.

ASM is committed to pursue excellence in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) for the benefit of all.


  • To be a Thought Leader
  • To be an apex Advisory Body on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) matters
  • To be an effective promoter of public understanding and awareness of STI
  • To make STI a basis for economic development and societal well-being


  • Providing advice to the Government on matters related to STI of national and international importance
  • Fostering a culture of excellence in SET in Malaysia
  • Assisting in upgrading technological capabilities of Malaysian industrial sectors
  • Promoting public awareness in understanding of science
  • Enhancing international networking and collaborations
  • Scientific publication



  • Fellows
  • Associates
  • Members of Young Scientists Network (YSN-ASM)
  • Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM)
  • ASM Management


  • Prime Minister’s Department and Central Agencies
  • MOSTI and its agencies
  • Other Ministries and relevant agencies
  • Industry
  • Research institutions
  • Higher Learning Institutions
  • STI Professional Bodies
  • International STI Organisations
  • Urban and Rural communities

4 Point Client Charter

  • Provide independent, evidence based, reliable and timely advice
  • Commited in initiating quality programmes towards developing strong STI foundation for the nation
  • Represent Malaysia and its scientific community at the international arena
  • Disseminate scientific knowledge


  • Harnessing scientific minds to charter STI direction for the country
  • Fostering culture of excellence in SET
  • Ensuring independent, authoritative and timely STI input
  • Promoting the utilisation and application of science for societal well-being
  • Facilitating the implementation of innovation-led economy strategy