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  • Ep 32 - Science Diplomacy within the ASEAN context 2023-11-10
    How can we build trust in science and develop science diplomacy within the ASEAN region? Commemorate World Science Day for Peace and Development with Dr Bach Tan Sinh, Board of Advisor member of ASEAN Foresight Alliance (AFA) from Vietnam.
  • Ep 31 - Sarawak’s Pepper and Indigenous Food Production 2023-11-08
    Sarawak is globally recognised as a preeminent hub for producing top-tier pepper, celebrated for its impeccable quality. Nonetheless, in recent times, Malaysia's pepper industry has encountered a multitude of challenges. Listen to Dato' Dr Sim Soon Liang FASc, a distinguished agricultural researcher known for her work in pepper cultivation, as she delved into the subject […]
  • Ep 30 - Wellness in the Workplace: A Conversation on Stress 2023-10-10
    It’s time we started prioritising our mental well-being as much as our productivity in the workplace. In conjunction with World Mental Health Day, we are joined by ASM Fellow Dr Zainal Ariffin Ahmad FASc on a journey to break the stigma surrounding mental health and foster a workplace culture that’s not only productive but also […]
  • EP 29 - A Healthier and More Resilient ASEAN Region 2023-09-26
    In conjunction with World Environmental Health Day, tune in to our special podcast episode featuring the Inaugural Director of the Planetary and Global Health Program of the St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine Philippines, Dr Renzo Guinto, in designing a healthier and environmentally resilient ASEAN Region.
  • EP 28 - How Does the Field of Medicine Support Research Data Sharing? 2023-09-11
    Sharing medical research data is complex due to its sensitivity and diversity. A careful and thorough approach is required to tackle these challenges effectively. Listen into our exclusive interview with Dr Zulfadli Hafiz Ismail, a Public Health Medicine specialist at the National Institute of Health.
  • Ep 27 - ASPIRE 2023: Nanotech Journey and Possibilities 2023-09-06
    Embark on an incredible journey into nanotechnology with Dr Lai Chin Wei, our very own APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education (ASPIRE) 2023 National Winner. Get ready to be inspired as he shares his remarkable career story, unveiling the cutting-edge world of nanotech and the endless possibilities it holds for our future.
  • Ep 26 - Sharing of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint 2025 Analysis 2023-08-08
    This 56th ASEAN day, tune in to our ASEAN Forecast podcast. Join us in this interactive conversation between Professor Emerita Tan Sri Mazlan Othman FASc, as the moderator of this podcast, and our guest, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, Chairman of CARI ASEAN Research and Advocacy as they decode the AEC Blueprint which looks at […]
  • Ep 25 - From Penang to Japan: The National Science Challenge Winner's Odyssey 2023-07-12
    The winner of the 2022 National Science Challenge, SMJK Jit Sin (cf) Penang, shared their experiences in becoming the NSC Champion, which led to a fascinating study visit to Japan. Listen to the secrets behind their success during last year's NSC and all the exciting details of their trip to the “Land of the Rising […]
  • EP 24 - ArtScience Lens on Planetary Health 2023-06-22
    Understand better the ASM ArtScience™ Prize 2022 theme, “ArtScience™ Lens on Planetary Health”. Three panellists shared their perspectives on the emerging ArtScience community in Malaysia and the way forward of this subject matter. Meanwhile, the exhibition of the top 23 finalists of the ASM ArtScience™ Prize 2022 in Balai Seni Maybank is currently happening from […]
  • EP 23 - The Halal Status of Lab-grown Meat 2023-05-31
    Lab-grown meat is a tantalising alternative to traditional meat, with reduced environmental impact and improved food security. Now, the audience are wondering about its Halal status, especially in Muslim-majority Malaysia. Join e-estidotmy and expert Dr Mohammad Naqib Hamdan to “dissect” the Halal status of lab-grown meat!