Documentation is an important component of the activities of the Academy.

Documentation following the conventions of science serves two purposes:
Assessment and recognition of the knowledge contributed by the Academy to the existing corpus of knowledge. The Academy attempts to document and publish all research reports and studies that it undertakes so as to fulfil its role as a repository of scientific knowledge for the public good especially the scientific community. The Academy is now working on developing an effective system of dissemination to enable the spread of the information as far and as wide as possible.


Report on the Global Knowledge Dialogue for Asia and the Pacific

Volume 1

Training Programme on Data Stewardship for Open Science


Cosmic Connections: Langkawi


Assessment on the Sustainability of the Tasik Chini Basin and Tasik Chini Biosphere Reserve

Volumes 2

Guidelines on Open Science (OS) in Public Funded Research

Volumes 2

Position Paper on COVID-19

This position paper on COVID-19 encompasses three main parts of discussions gathered by the respective subgroups, namely Malaysia Infectious Disease Outbreak Preparedness and Response, Post-Pandemic Analysis and Application of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics (BDA). The findings from each subgroup were collected from literature review, survey and focus group discussions (FGD) with experts from various related backgrounds. Malaysia Infectious Disease Outbreak Preparedness and Response subgroup assessed beyond the core competencies as outlined by the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) and the Malaysian Strategy for Emerging Disease (MySED) on preparedness and response. Post-Pandemic Analysis subgroup covered the

Position Paper on Blue Economy: Unlocking the Value of The Oceans


The Landscape of Open Science in Malaysia


Rangka Kerja 10-10 MySTIE


Teknologi Wireless Bridging System untuk Komuniti yang Ketinggalan dan Terbatas