Documentation is an important component of the activities of the Academy.

Documentation following the conventions of science serves two purposes: Assessment and recognition of the knowledge contributed by the Academy to the existing corpus of knowledge. The Academy attempts to document and publish all research reports and studies that it undertakes so as to fulfil its role as a repository of scientific knowledge for the public good especially the scientific community. The Academy is now working on developing an effective system of dissemination to enable the spread of the information as far and as wide as possible.

Advisory Report

A report submitted to the Government and other stakeholders identifying policies and strategies through the innovative use of science, engineering and technology to address national issues and challenges that may impact on the nation in the short-, medium- and long-term.

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1. The Status of Research and Developments in Advancing Tropical Medicine in Malaysia
2. Prioritizing Food Policy Options to Reduce Obesity in Malaysia
3. Sustainable Energy Options for Electric Power Generation in Peninsular Malaysia
4. Stem Cells: Ageing and Regenerative Medicine
5. Enhancing Research and Development in Health Science
6. ASMIC 2012 - Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio Economic Transformation - Strategic Drivers for High Income Economy
7. Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in Schools - Towards a More "Creative and Innovative Malaysia" 
8. Setting A National Agenda For Integrated Water Research Volume 1 
9. ASM Position Paper – A Study on the Current Status and Needs Assessment of Water Resources Research in Malaysia Volume 2 
10. Strategic Plan For Addressing The Impacts of Climate Change on Water-related Issues In Malaysia
11. Energy Usage and Energy Efficiency in Transportation
12. Carbon Free Energy - Roadmap for Malaysia
13. The Blueprint for Fuel Cell Industries in Malaysia
14. Strategies for the Improvement of Water Supply and Wastewater Management (WSWM) Services in Malaysia Volume 1 - View Online or Download
15. Study on the Current Issues and Needs for Water Supply and Wastewater Management in Malaysia Volume 2 - View Online or Download
16. Science & Technology Foresight Malaysia 2050; Emerging Science, Engineering & Technology (ESET) Study
17. Strategic Plan for Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) in Malaysia, Volume 1
18. A Study on the Status and Issues on Strategic Plan for IRBM in Malaysia, Volume 2
19. Envisioning Malaysia 2050 Foresight Narrative
20. Sustainable Mining: Case Study for Bauxite Mining in Pahang
21. Strategies to Enhance Water Demand Management in Malaysia report
22. Cyber Security: Towards a Safe and Secure Cyber Environment
23. Addressing the Global Health Challenge of Obesity in Malaysia
24. ASM Local & Transboundary Haze Study
25. Agriculture Water Services for Agribusiness
26. ASM Position Paper on Erosion & Sedimentation
27. Climate Change: Adaptive Capacity Attributes of Selected Water-related Policies in Malaysia
Transforming the Water Sector 
1. National Integrated Water Resources Management Plan Strategies and Road Map, Volume 1 – Main Report
2. National Integrated Water Resources Management Plan Strategies and Road Map, Volume 2 – Appendices
IBSE Report 
1. Penilaian Pelaksanaan Projek Rintis Pendidikan Sains Berasaskan Amalan Inkuiri (IBSE) Di Empat Buah Sekolah Rendah Di Daerah Hulu Langat
Science Outlook 2015
1. Full Report
2. Executive Summary
Science Outlook 2017
1. Full Report
2. Executive Summary
NEO (New Economic Opportunities)
1. Full Report
Sustaining Malaysia’s Future - The Mega Science Agenda (Click the title for viewing)
1. Water
2. Health
3. Energy
4. Agriculture
5. Biodiversity
Mega Science 2.0
1. Housing Sector
2. Environment Sector
3. Infrastructure Sector
4. Transportation Sector
5. Electrical & Electronics Sector
Mega Science 3.0
1. Furniture Industry Sector
2. Automotive Industry Sector
3. Creative Industry Sector
4. Tourism Industry Sector
5. Plastics & Composites Industry Sector
Scientific Book
Science Matters
ASM Monograph
Ensuring a Better Water Future for Malaysia - A Monograph by Academician Tan Sri Dato’ Ir. Shahrizaila Abdullah, BE(Mal), PEng, FIEM, FASc.
Innovative Development in GaN-Based Technology
ASM Annual Report

The annual report is a comprehensive report on a ASM's activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company's activities and financial performance

List of ASM Annual Report

ASM Science Journal

It publishes advancements in the broad fields of medical, engineering, earth, mathematical, physical, chemical, and agricultural sciences as well as ICT.

ASM Science Journal Microsite

ASEAN Journal on Science & Technology for Development

List of ASEAN Journal on Science & technology for Development

  1. Vol. 30, No. 1&2, 2013
  2. Vol. 31, No.1, 2014
  3. Vol. 31, No.2, 2014
  4. Vol. 32, No.1, 2015
  5. Vol. 32, No.2, 2015
  6. Vol. 33, No.1, 2016
  7. Vol. 33, No.2, 2016
  8. Vol. 34, No.1, 2017
  9. Vol. 34, No.2, 2017
Online book ASM publication

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