1Is Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) a school or college?
ASM is a statutory body established under the Academy of Sciences Malaysia Act 1994. ASM’s main role is to provide advice to the government on matters related to science, engineering and technology.
2Can I get scholarships for my education?
ASM does not offer any form of scholarships or financial assistance.
3Is there any laboratory facility at ASM?
ASM has only a management office. We do not have any laboratory facility. However, ASM does support national level centre of excellence under the National Science Consortium programme. Visit link for more information.
4Can I apply for research grant?
ASM does not offer any form of research grant or financial assistance. We only manage evaluation of grants and awards.
5Does ASM have any branches/ offices at other location?
We do not have branches at other location. Our management office is located at 20th Floor, West Wing, Matrade Tower, Kuala Lumpur. ASM has a Northern Region Chapter to carry out activities in the Perlis, Kedah, Perak and Pulau Pinang. For more details contact cio@akademisains.gov.my
6How can I participate in ASM activities?
You can subscribe to RSS feed of ASM events for updates.
7Who are the people of ASM?
ASM consist of its ASM Members (Fellows, Senior Fellows, Honorary Fellow and Associates) and management staff. A Fellow is a distinguished scientists, engineers or technologists who have made outstanding contributions in their fields. Fellowship is awarded based on a stringent selection process in six different disciplines: Biological, agricultural and environmental sciences; Chemical sciences; Engineering and computer sciences; Mathematics, physics and earth sciences; Medical and health sciences; Science and technology development industry. Fellows with an outstanding body of work will be conferred the designation Senior Fellows, and an Honorary Fellowship is awarded to a non-scientist who has been instrumental in the development science and technology. In order to optimise ASM's pool of talents, membership is also made up of Associates. These are high profile industry players and experts in non-science fields who are able to connect the scientific community with the industries and provide views from non-science aspect.
8How can I become a member of ASM?
ASM membership is by nomination and not by application. Only a Fellow of ASM can nominate a candidate. The nomination will go through a stringent process to qualify a candidate based on merit.
9How are ASM Council Members appointed?
ASM Council members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held every year. Only ASM President is appointed by SPB Yang di-Pertuan Agong.
10Does ASM conduct science awareness programmes such as talks in schools?
ASM’s main focus is to carry out studies and science excellence programmes to enable ASM to act as a National Thought Leader. ASM no longer conducts science awareness activities. However, these activities are now being championed by young scientists under the YSN-ASM. Contact ysn-asm@akademisains.gov.my or visit http://ysn-asm.org.my How can I get ASM to collaborate in organising a programme? You can invite ASM to collaborate in your programmes by writing to ASM Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at cio@akademisains.gov.my
11Can I donate to ASM for a cause?
Yes, you can donate to ASM for cause related to the advancement of science, engineering and technology. Contact cio@akademisains.gov.my