The Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research 2nd Edition

The Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research (MCRCR) is a comprehensive, robust, and contextually-appropriate guideline which is aligned to the best practices in research and accord with international standards and practice, yet congruent with local ethical and cultural milieu and legal requirements. MCRCR also draws guidance from several other well-established Codes around the world, including the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity 2010. The National Science Council has established the National Committee on Research Integrity (NCRI) to educate and nurture among the researchers, research entities/institutions, the media and the public on the MCRCR.

The MCRCR has been adopted and endorsed by the National Science Council in 2017. Its formulation had been in consultation with various relevant parties such as universities, research institutions, Ministries, research funders, governmental agencies and non governmental organisations (NGOs), individual researchers and legal authorities. It serves to provide a code by which research and scientific enquiries are conducted and pursued in Malaysia. It provides a strong basis to enhance the pursuit and entrepreneurship in science; its acceptance and adherence will be good to all.

This second edition improves the format of MCRCR for easy readability and reference, and it includes some revisions in Part D: Breaches of the Code for clarity.

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