Science & Technology Foresight Malaysia 2050 

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The Science & Technology Foresight Malaysia 2050 aims to describe Malaysia’s Science and Technology towards 2050 and emphasises the development of emerging technologies in five main areas: Biotechnology, Digital Technology, Green Technology, Nanotechnology and Neurotechnology.

The report outlines key emerging technologies within the five technology areas, in terms of global outlook, and Malaysia’s positioning that underscores their prospects based on the nation’s strengths and need assessment for R&D. 95 emerging technologies relevant to Malaysia’s advancement towards 2050 were identified, which includes 21 impactful emerging technologies that should be prioritised.

Envisioning Malaysia 2050; A Foresight 

This is the first edition of this living narrative which will evolve over time.

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ASM through the Malaysian Foresight Alliance brought together various experts and think tanks from the fields of Science & Technology (S&T), Economy & Finance, Society & Culture, and Geopolitics & Governance to envision the state of the Nation in 2050. This initiative presents an opportunity for stakeholders to embrace a forward looking, realistic paradigm for strategic planning through the use of foresight or futures thinking.

Through the Foresight Initiative, nine key drivers were identified to steer our nation towards becoming a Progressive Malaysia 2050 that is harmonious, prosperous and sustainable.

Progressive Malaysia 2050

The Progressive Malaysia 2050 Foresight Narrative is meant to be a living narrative in which ideas will evolve over time.

If you have your eye on the horizon and wish to provide constructive input towards envisioning Malaysia in 2050, you are welcome to do so. Kindly submit your feedback to us via email to