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The Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM) established the YSN-ASM Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Programme in 2015 after receiving the support of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) as well as the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. The first phase of the Programme involved the promotion of awareness on RCR and harmonising the content as well as pedagogy through the organisation of various  RCR workshops across Malaysia.

While there are many online sources available, many researchers in Malaysia have expressed the need for relatable and relevant RCR content that would act as their primary reference guide in the understanding and promotion of RCR. In addition, they also expressed the need for an educational module that can support and guide them when they themselves run RCR workshops. Thus, YSN-ASM RCR Programme began the process of developing the Malaysian Educational Module on RCR.


YSN-ASM, ASM and the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia jointly developed this Malaysian Educational Module on Responsible Conduct of Research.


The Module is comprised of 10 chapters and each chapter focuses on a different aspect of RCR. It is designed to be used as a reference material for readers as well as a teaching guide for future RCR instructors. This Module hopes to be a platform that will enhance the nation’s robust dialogue on research integrity and foster a culture of RCR in the Malaysian scientific ecosystem. The 10 chapters are:

Chapter 1:       Ethical Values and Responsibilities of Researchers

Chapter 2:       Research Misconduct

Chapter 3:      Culture of Safety and Dual Use Research

Chapter 4:       Conflict of Interest

Chapter 5:       Authorship and Publications

Chapter 6:       Peer Review

Chapter 7:       Research Data Management

Chapter 8:       Financial Responsibilities

Chapter 9:       Mentor-Mentee

Chapter 10:     Collaborative Research

This YSN-ASM RCR programme and the Module will complement the Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research (MCRCR), which was endorsed recently by the National Science Council in 2017. The YSN-ASM RCR Programme will take a proactive role in facilitating the establishment of formal RCR education throughout Malaysia, training competent instructors to conduct RCR training programmes, conducting research to understand the landscape of RCR in Malaysia, and collaborating with strategic partners locally and globally to promote research integrity.

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ISBN: 978-983-2915-37-91
1. Research–Moral and ethics aspects.
3. Scientists–Professional ethics.

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