Precision Medicine

The genomic revolution has paved the way for the practice of medicine to be personalised, predictive, preventive and participatory. The concept of Precision Medicine approach uses the genetic information for more effective disease prevention and treatment strategies. Many countries have embarked on this initiative. Malaysia too has embarked on genome sequencing studies, albeit on a smaller scale.

In view of this healthcare revolution in healthcare, ASM has formed a Task Force on The Precision Medicine Initiative for Malaysia to discuss its feasibility for our country.

National Robotic Programme

This SIG’s objective is to bring up the agricultural industry from its current status as laggards up to the level of other pace-setting industries, as referenced from the Knowledge content and innovation mapping for 21 industry sectors in Malaysia through the Key Economic Sectors in Malaysia Phase III (My KEIII) study.

The four working groups (Talent, Research, Applications and Social Impact) will be looking into the integration of robotics and automation into the agricultural sector from their perspectives.