Who we are

The Academy of Sciences Malaysia was established by an Act of Parliament (ASM Act 1994). The Academy strives

  • to be the ‘Think Tank’ of the nation for matters related to science, engineering, technology and innovation.
  • to pursue excellence in the fields of science, engineering and technology for the benefit of all.

ASM Function

  • To promote and foster the development of science, engineering and technology.
  • To provide a forum for the inter-change of ideas among scientists, engineers and technologists.
  • To promote national awareness, understanding and appreciation of the role of science, engineering and technology in human progress.
  • To promote creativity among scientists, engineers and technologists.
  • To promote national self-reliance in the fields of science, engineering and technology.
  • To act as a forum for maintaining awareness on the part of the Government about the significance of the role of science, engineering and technology in the development process of the nation and for bringing national development needs to the attention of scientists, engineers and technologists.

  • To analyse particular national problems and identify where science, engineering and technology can contribute to their solution and accordingly make recommendations to the Government.
  • To keep in touch with developments in science, engineering and technology and identify those developments which are relevant to national needs and to bring such developments to the attention of the Government.
  • To prepare reports, papers or other documents relating to the national science, engineering and technology policy and make the necessary recommendations to the Government.
  • To initiate and sponsor multi-disciplinary studies related to and necessary for the better understanding of the social and economic implications of science, engineering and technology. To encourage research, development, education and training of human resource in the appropriate scientific, engineering and technical manpower.
  • To establish and maintain relations between the Academy and overseas bodies having the same or almost similar objectives in science, engineering and technology as the Academy.
  • To do such other thing as may be requested by the government from time to time; and
  • To do such other acts which are consistent with Academy of Sciences Malaysia Act 1994 as may be required in order to further the advancement of science, engineering and technology in Malaysia and the welfare and status of the Academy.

ASM Goals

1. To be a thought leader.
2. To be an Apex Advisory Body on STI matters.
3. To be an effective promoter of public understanding and awareness of STI.
4. To make STI a basis for economic development and societal well being.

Membership of The Academy of Sciences Malaysia

Exponential growth of scientific knowledge dictates the need for a greater pool of membership equipped with various expertises and networking for collaboration in science, engineering, technology and innovation (SETI). Their expertise are harnessed for policy inputs, tapping of international support and collaborations, enriching excellence and engagement activities of ASM.


50 individuals were appointed from among the country’s eminent scientists, engineers and technologists as Foundation Fellows.

A Fellow of the Academy is entitled to use the title ‘Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia’ with the abbreviation FASc, after their name. To date, ASM has 377 Fellows.

The election of new Fellows is crucial to ensure sustainability of ASM. ASM taps the expertise, knowledge, wisdom and network of its Fellows to provide STI input to the government and stakeholders. Through Fellows, ASM continues to demonstrate its commitment in international STI arena through its strategic membership of multilateral STI networks, its active role in governance of these networks, and its participation in important global scientific interactions. At the national level, a Fellow through the Academy has the opportunity to advance their ideas to push the envelope for S&T development in the country.

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellow is a person who has made or is making a distinguished contribution to the practice of science, engineering or technology which will benefit or will be able to contribute to the work of the Academy. Honorary Fellows are elected at the Academy’s Annual General Meeting.

To date, the Academy has appointed six Honorary Fellows from among eminent leaders and scientists who have made significant contribution to the Academy. The Honorary Fellows are:

(i)   Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
(ii)  Tun Dr Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
(iii) Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid
(iv) Nobel Laureate Professor Lee Yuan Tseh

Senior Fellow

The ASM Council appoints Senior Fellows from among Fellows of the Academy. Senior Fellows are individuals who have made outstanding individual contribution and provided leadership both nationally and internationally as well as to the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.

Their appointment is based on the recommendation of a special panel comprising members and non-members of the Academy who are appointed by the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Climate Change. A Senior Fellow appointed is entitled to be addressed as an ‘Academician’. To date, ASM has 27 Senior Fellows.

ASM's Logo

ASM’s logo is made out of three main components which are the three green lines merging into a solid line, the orbital form of the lines and the three red dots .

The merging of three narrow lines depicts the combination of important components that is science, engineering and technology towards a sustained innovation-driven environment.

The orbital form is a reminiscent of the orbital of an atom nucleus. This reflects ’science’, hence, the Academy of Sciences Malaysia adopted this shape as ‘science’ empowers capacity-building and technological development. This is also captured by the three red dots which symbolizes elements of innovation ,process and product of technology.