Each issue of the journal will contain no more than 10 research articles. These are papers reporting the results of original research in the broad fields of medical, engineering, earth, mathematical, physical, chemical and life sciences as well as ICT. The articles should be limited to 6000 words in length, with not more than 100 cited references.

September 9, 2022

Tribological Study of Functional Fluids Based on Castor Oil

A. P. Pratap, Ankita P. Virulkar, V. R. Gaval, Md Modassir Hussain and S. G. Solanke
September 8, 2022

Acoustic Repertoires Related to Surface Behaviours of the Irrawaddy Dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) in Brunei Bay, Malaysia

H.M. Muhamad, X. Xu, X.L. Zhang, S.A. Jaaman, A.M. Muda, F.D. Haji Ismail and N. Azizul
August 19, 2022

Effect of Water Absorption on the Mechanical Properties of Wheat Straw Fibre Reinforced Polystyrene Composites

R.S.N Sahai, Ankita Shinde, Deepankar Biswas and Asit B. Samui
August 10, 2022

A Needs Analysis Study for the Preparation of Integrated STEM Instructional Practices through Scientist-Teacher-Student Partnership (STSP)

Mohamad Hisyam Ismail, Hidayah Mohd Fadzil, Rohaida Mohd Saat and Muhamad Furkan Mat Salleh
August 9, 2022

The Effectiveness of a 980-nm Diode Laser to Treat Face Haemangioma: A Randomised within-Patient Trial

Noor Taha Ismaeel
August 9, 2022

Assessment of Trace Element (Mg, Al, K and Mo) in 14 Types of Raw Herbs and Spices using SEM-EDX Analysis

Nur Syafiqah Rusli, Zaidi Embong, Nor Zakiah Nor Hashim, Norhayati Muhammad, Nurshuhaila Mohamed Sunar, Mohd Fadzelly Abu Bakar, Khawarizmi Mohd Jafery, Joel E.S and Maxwell O
August 3, 2022

The Effect of SiGe/PTAA Thin Film Thickness as An Active Layer for Solar Cell Application

Abdul I. A. Rani, Muhammad A. A. Rani, Samat I., Mohd S. Osman, Nuramalina B. and Mohd Shafiq A. A
August 2, 2022

Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Hypertension Among Rural Communities in Kudat Sabah, East Malaysia

Syed Shajee Husain, Mohd Nazri Mohd Daud, Rhanye Mac Guad, Yuan Seng Wu, Yin Nwe Aung, Fredie Robinson, Sasitharrani A/P Thiruvengadam, Kee Hooi Nee, Looi Chun Jing, Naamagal A/P Rajenthiram, Hani Maisarah Binti Zahrul Azhar, Ko Jing Han, Elyssa Marie Robert, Nurliyanah Atiqah binti Shah Fenner Khan, Nurul Sariha Afiqah binti Mohd Isa, Pradeep Gupta A/L Niriender Kumar, Sharllyn A/P Lawrance @ Chandru, Shahera Nabila binti Mohd Shafizan, Mohd Irfan bin Mahidi, Wu Jun Wen and Soon King Hien
July 27, 2022

Prediction Modelling Through Chaotic Approach on Ozone (O3) Pollutant Time Series in Shah Alam City

Ahmad Basri Ruslan, Nor Zila Abd Hamid, Khairunnisa Che Jusoh, Shahidatul Idayu Shahizam and Franklin Chai Jun
July 18, 2022

Determining The Values and Attributes of e-Learning From Vocational Students’ Perspectives

Eliza Annis Thangaiah, Ruzzakiah Jenal and Jamaiah Yahaya
July 14, 2022

Effect of Processing Parameters to The Fish Oil from Fish Waste Via Modified Soxhlet Extraction

Farhan Mohd Said, Nurlisa Syahiera Mohd Rapidi, Nurul Syakira Mohamed Ibrahim, Nur Hidayah Mat Yasin and Nur Fathin Shamirah Daud
July 14, 2022

Kids Save Lives Malaysia Handbook for Primary School Children: Development and Usability Study

Muhamad Nur Fariduddin, Mawarni Mohamed and Mohd Johar Jaafar