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April 29, 2020

Health Literacy Among Urban Malaysian Elders: A Descriptive Study

Raudah M. Yunus, Mohd S.A. Saman, Aishah Zubillah, Kerry B. Juni, Ahmad S.A. Gaairibi, Alyani N. Yahaya, Ameera Zolkaflee, Amnie F.A. Suhairi, Dayang F.A.A. Bolhasan, Falin A. Lesen, Janet N. Philip, Khairatun H.M. Amjaduzzahwi, Khairunnisa A.M. Fadir, Lina K.M. Jamal, Nurin N. Persori, Qamarina Z.D.K. Anuar, Randee E. Stephen, Sharina Jamaludin, Suhairy Osman, Nurhuda Ismail and Zaliha Ismail