March 2019

April 2, 2019

National Conference on Scientific Achievements by Malaysian Women

In conjunction with the International Women’s Day, the Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS) celebrated the achievements of Malaysian women scientists by organising a National Conference on Scientific Achievements by Malaysian Women on 9 March 2019.
April 2, 2019

Impact Study of the Implementation of Research Universities

ASM has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education in Nov 2017 for duration of six months, to carry out an impact study of the implementation of Research Universities in Malaysia.
April 2, 2019

ASM Halal Science Initiative

Halal Science can be defined as Halal Knowledge attained systematically through observation and experimentation study and practice to describe and explain the natural phenomena that relates to Halal practices.
April 2, 2019

Mid-term Review of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education)

In November 2018, the Ministry of Education (MOE) through its Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pemandu Dana Penyelidikan Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi appointed the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) to perform a thorough review of the Mid-Term Review of Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education).
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