food security

March 9, 2023

Ensuring Food Security: Ammonium Sulphate Fertilisers

The visit was organised by MOSTI’s Bilik Gerakan Penyelesaian Teknologi (War Room) as one of its initiatives to reduce Malaysia’s high dependence on imported fertilisers.
April 5, 2023

ASM PODCAST: The Rise of Lab-grown Meat

The invention of lab-grown meat may offer a sustainable solution to environmental issues and has the potential to improve food security.
April 5, 2023

Workshop: System Design Specification and Mock-Up systems for Precision Biodiversity

The workshop aimed to gather feedback from key stakeholders such as ministries, agencies, and universities to create an AI and IoT system and ecological simulator that could improve biodiversity management.
May 14, 2023

World Health Day

Everyone has the right to access health services of the highest quality; Malaysia is one of the countries that provides superior medical treatment and support.
June 18, 2023

e-estidotmy X ASM Podcast: Halal Status of Lab-grown Meat

Join e-estidotmy and expert Dr Mohammad Naqib Hamdan to “dissect” the Halal status of lab-grown meat!
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