February 20, 2020

Local & Transboundary Pollution Act Feasibility Study

On 21 January 2020, a stakeholder engagement workshop was held in ASM on the Local & Transboundary Pollution Act Feasibility Study. The Workshop was carried out to gather feedback from government agencies, NGOs, CSOs, industry players and research institutes. A total of 65 people has attended the workshop and given their valuable input on the implication and implementation direction of the proposed act.
March 30, 2020

First Regional Meeting of AASSA Working Group on Climate Change & Health

In response to addressing the urgency of climate change and its effects on the health of the Asian region, the first Regional Meeting of the Association of Academies and Societies in Asia (AASSA) Working Group on Climate Change and Health was held from 24 to 25 February in Kuala Lumpur. Professor Yoo Hang Kim, President of AASSA, was in attendance to provide a brief introduction on AASSA and shared his experience of the former InterAcademy Panel (IAP) Project.
March 30, 2020

Nuclear Science at the Service of Mankind

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Academy of Sciences Malaysia co-organised the lecture featuring Professor Qaim on 7 February 2020. Professor Qaim’s lecture sets out to survey the achievements, potentials and limitations of nuclear sciences that are relevant to peaceful applications. His lecture would show that nuclear sciences can be beneficial to the basic requirements of mankind.
March 30, 2020

Open Science Forum for Asia and The Pacific

The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) and International Science Council Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ISC-ROAP) organised the Open Science Forum for Asia and the Pacific on 13 February 2020. The Forum aims to inform Asia Pacific countries on the importance of Open Science for facilitating collaborative data-driven research which enables the region to be at the forefront of the global Open Science movement to accelerate economic growth.
April 24, 2020

Dialogue on Environmental Law with Dr Christina Olsen Lundh

Failure to fully implement and enforce these laws is one of the greatest challenges in mitigating climate change, reducing pollution and preventing widespread species and habitat loss. As such, a strong political will is needed to ensure effective implementation and enforcement. In response to this, the Embassy of Sweden in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) has organised a Dialogue on Environmental Law, featuring the esteemed Dr Christina Olsen Lundh, Swedish Environmental Law Expert and Judge. This event aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and best practices between Sweden and Malaysia. Dr Lundh is in Malaysia to attend the Malaysian Judges Conference from 16 to 18 March 2020 in Langkawi Island.
April 24, 2020

Manipulating Biological Matter with Sound Waves

10 March, Kuala Lumpur - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) have co-organised a Lecture on Acoustofluidics by Professor Thomas Laurell from Lund University, Sweden. During the lecture, Professor Laurell described basic development and design of acoustofluidic systems as well as applications and development of the novel research field. Acoustofluidics is a relatively new research field that combines acoustics with microfluidics to enable gentle yet high performing manipulation of biological matter. Well-defined and localised acoustic forces are used to precisely move cells in a process called acoustophoresis.
June 4, 2020

Effects of COVID-19 on the Water Industry

The guest of honour for RTM’s #BicaraNaratif segment was Datuk Ir Abdul Kadir Mohd Din FASc, ASM Fellow and President of the Malaysian Water Association (MWA). Datuk Abdul Kadir stated that water is an important basic necessity required by humans. We can last longer without food, but we will perish sooner without water.
June 4, 2020

Effects of the Movement Restriction Order (MCO) from a Scientific Perspective

A webinar via Facebook Live was moderated by YB Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of MOSTI, on 7 April 2020. The webinar featured Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Public Health, and Under Secretary General for Partnerships at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Also joining Tan Sri Jemilah and YB Khairy was Associate Professor Dr Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychological Medicine, University Malaya (UM), consultant psychiatrist at University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) and avid mental health activist.
June 4, 2020

Eradicating COVID-19 with Science and Technology

Agenda Awani in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) engaged ASM Fellows to show how science and technology plays a role in Malaysia’s fight against COVID-19. Hosted by Mr Kamarul Bahrin Haron, the show featured ASM Fellows Professor Dato' Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman FASc, Professor Datuk Dr Awg Bulgiba Bin Awg Mahmud FASc and Professor Dr Mahendhiran Nair FASc
July 8, 2020

Power of Music for Athletes and Home Exercises

The Science Café series is brought to you by the Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM). It is a programme that aims to bring understanding of science to the public. In the first ever virtual Science Café programme, Mr Shawn Keng has brought along his fellow YSN-ASM member Dr Garry Kuan to talk about the power of music for athletes and home exercises.
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