December 2, 2019

SME Clinic on Industry 4.0: Angel Investors’ Initiatives for the Healthcare Sector

ASM organised the SME Clinic on Industry 4.0: Angel Investors’ Initiatives for the Healthcare Sector on SEGi University on 15 October 2019. The SME Clinic is a programme under the Angels in Science Initiative, which was launched in April this year. The Clinic was co-organised with SIZZLESCIENCE and the US Department of State’s Global Innovation Through Science & Technology (GIST) Initiative.
December 2, 2019

The Haze Problem: A Blame Game or an Endgame?

ASM held its 32nd IdeaXchange session on 15 October 2019 titled The Haze Problem: A Blame Game or an Endgame? The forum-style session featured five panellists from the government and academic sectors to discuss integrative measures that can be taken proactively to resolve the transboundary haze crisis.
December 13, 2019

Recognising the Fusion of Art and Science

Following the recognition of Malaysia’s top scientific minds, Deputy Minister of MESTECC YB Puan Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis also launched the ASM ArtScience™ Initiative during the 2019 Conferment Ceremony and Announcement of 2019 Top Research Scientists Malaysia.
December 13, 2019

Open Minds, Spark Ideas: the 2019 ASM FAScinate™

In conjunction with ASM’s 25th Anniversary next year, the ASM Fellows’ Lecture series has been rebranded as FAScinate™. FAScinate™ is a play on the word “fascinate” combined with “FASc”, the abbreviation for Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.
January 30, 2020

ASM Special Interest Group: Machine Learning

Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) in partnership with Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) held a series of stakeholder engagements in the fourth quarter of 2019. ASM and CREST aim to formulate a position paper to call for a national AI agenda that champions explicitly the deployment of AI and ML through science, technology and innovation (STI) for the benefit of the citizens of Malaysia.
February 20, 2020

1st National Science Challenge Stakeholders’ Engagement Workshop

The Workshop was attended by NSC stakeholders such as the mentor teachers, officers from state education departments and also from the organising committee. Everyone presented their experience with NSC from their point of view, from the preliminary level, up to the Grand Final of the science competition.
February 20, 2020

Courting Connectors: A Conceptual Briefing of i-Connect to Potential Neutral Entities

The Malaysian Collaborative Network Platform for Disruptive Innovation or i-CONNECT for short, is an initiative to create and nurture a conducive innovation ecosystem in Malaysia towards increasing disruptive innovation. i-CONNECT also enables Malaysia to leverage on new economic opportunities for Malaysian industries to enter emerging markets.
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